PastorsWMK partners with the PEFA church in Pokot. Through the donations of Wildfire ministries USA, we support different pastors. Bishop ____ is the lead pastor in the church and also helps organize our mission field programmes by linking with different pastors who are also working on the ground in our different programmes. WMK thanks the following for their individual support and contribution to see our dream a reality;
• Pastor Agrey – Sigor
• Pastor Joseph Kalikin – Kamanau
• Pastor Joseph - Nyangaita
• Chief – Kakleshon
• Julius –Lela
• Bishop-Lomut
WMK values unity and team work, and will therefore continue to support the pastors and also invite more to work with us. We will continue to work with PEFA Pokot to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ. We cherish our partnership and are committed to make it last for the benefit of the community.

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Contact Us

WMK’s field office is based in Lomut,west Pokot.
To contact us ,write to
    The director
    The programmes manager
Or Call our Kenyan Numbers +254723712883 &