Volunteer Testimonies

Hello everybody! My name is Andrew Beduhn. I am a youth pastor at a church In Morrice Michigan called Wildfire ministries. Back in September of 2013 I had an opportunity to go to west pokot with the Ywam staff. The time I spent there was nothing short of amazing. While we were there we spent the mornings getting to know the pokot people, And at night was when we ran our movie ministry. While we were there, I could see God moving In some incredible ways In all of our lives. There want and desire to learn about God more and more was an absolute blessing to see.

One thing you will see while you are there is a bunch of smiles! One of the biggest things that hit me while I was there, was that while in America, we pursue a life of our wants more then our needs, we can never be happy. We want one thing, then in one week its old news and on to something else, yet never being happy, satisfied, grateful our blessed for what we have. Yet while in the pokot region you see hardship, the poorest, sickness and little food, but you see a sincere smile. You see joyfulness, happiness and peace. You see gratefulness, but most important you see LOVE. I can promise you that if you are somewhat thinking about going on a trip to the pokot area, do it. It will change your life forever.

Andrew Beduhn