WildFire Ministries Kenya

To gather the Pokot community, empower them spiritually, economically and socially so that they can be able to give to others.

The Lord is on the throne and reaching out to his people


Wildfire Ministry of Kenya is a Christian organization based in West Pokot and founded to help empower the Pokot with Knowledge, resources and Christian virtues to enable them lead better fulfilling lives.

WMK’s main objective is providing holistic and sustainable solutions to the different challenges facing the Pokot. WMK was founded by a team of missionaries led by Joram Kingori (YWAM AthiRiver) and inspired by Pastor John Mills of Wildfire Ministries USA.

We thank God that Kapeni borehole is fixed again. No more struggles with water in this village in pokot
Wildfire's Mission is to spread the gospel across the whole corners of Pokot.To learn more read our newsletters here
Our Mission
the pokot
Pokots are friendly and hospitable. Without empowerment they can't leave their traditions for Christ.
The Pokot People in General

Request for Support

To All Our Friends And Partners ,Please Pray For The People Of Pokot And Marakwet. We Appeal For Wellwishers In Whatever Capacity To Help These Pokot People To Attend School And Also Empower Them Too. We Are On The Ground Reaching Out.

Our Programs cutting Accross all sectors

Pokot Discipleship

DTS is important tool because many workers will be sent to spread the word of God and win souls for Christ. 

Bible Study in Pokot

WMK believes that the Pokot women can act as good disciples and can help spread the word of God. 

adult literacy

We look forward to work with organizations and individuals who are dedicated to building our capacity in running the program. 

adult education

The Pokot Open Learning and Continuing Education (POLCE) will assist the Pokot adults...

evangelism program

they are committed to a holistic ministry that aids in both physical and spiritual transformation

women empowerment

WMK will train women on capacity building and development. We will train women who are committed to reaching other women 

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