The world declaration of education for all (EFA) – 1990 clearly announced that everyone should get an educational opportunity. it is a direct political and human right response to pressure arising from civil society organization and international organizations, among others who understand the role of education in promoting the establishment of good governance and equitable educational access is appropriately thought to be an essential means of escape from social-economic and political marginalization for different social groups in developing nations. In many countries, Kenya included, the pastoralists and semi-pastoralists communities like the Pokot are always prevented from participating in policy formulation, political development and decision making. Consequently, they are denied proper social services like education and training, water supplies, schools and adult education programmes by the dominant sedentary groups. Thus the marginalized people are the most severely disadvantaged groups in the acquisition of education and social service provisions. In Kenya, the Pokot tribe from Rift Valley province is among the tribes with high illiteracy rate of more than 50%. Many children in Pokot drop out of school to take care of their family livestock. Girls as young as ten are married off thus denying them the opportunity to continue with their dream. The continuing trend makes the whole community vulnerable to under-development and marginalization. Our (FALC) Functional Adult Literacy Coarse) will help serve the Pokot community as a spring board for social and economic change. The course is also regarded as an indispensible part of nation building. As part of the modernization approach, it has to do with altering their traditionalistic way of life and acquiring them with knowledge and skills which can transform them socially, economically and politically. The program will help equip the Pokot communities against impoverishment and alternately helps them to eradicate poverty by opening access to alternative livelihood options. In addition, Adult education would help the community to better equip themselves for the future because their habitat and way of life are under threat due to climate change. The course grants an opportunity to adults who dropped from school and who also lack proper knowledge and skills to manage their resources , function well in the society and also achieve their family or community development agenda. WMK will partner with stake holders and the government to see this vision becomes a reality, we look forward to work with organizations and individuals who are dedicated to building our capacity in running the programme. Financial need is paramount to make the programme successful. Volunteers teachers and donors are welcomed to partner with us.
The following are the most important needs we have
Volunteer trainers – three
Administration staff and volunteers – Two
In kind – e.g. computers, books, stationeries, photocopy, machines and papers, pens etc
Material for building the classrooms – e.g. (cement, timber, windows etc)
Desks and chairs for students (Adult learners)- At least 40
A total of 6000 USD is needed to jumpstart the programme and to see the initial development phase a success.

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