The Pokot open learning and continuing education (POLCE) will assist the Pokot youths and adults who have problem of access to education, for instance lost early opportunities or dropped out of school to continue through a flexible adult programme. School enrollment among the Pokot is less than ‘50% while illiteracy level at 50%+. Many children drop out of school mainly for herding livestock. Access to schooling is also low because villages are far from schools, in some area even more than 50km away. The nomadic pastoralic way of life also dictates that people are always on the move in search of pasture and water. The (POLCE) programme will help lift the educational and literacy level of the Pokot.  The trained adults will also be able to access bank loans, manage their business well and help lift the life standards of their family. Future plans are to offer basic and advanced English course, Swahili language course and basic ICT. The language schools will last for 3-6 months (including field assignments). We welcome partners, volunteers and well-wishers to help us execute the programmes. You can get involved by supporting a Pokot youth or adult go through the training or supporting in the provision of learning materials e.g. text books, desks, pens, or in the constructions of our learning centers. You can also support by committing to volunteer part tome or full time as a teacher, administrator or in any capacity. Contact the programmes manager for more details

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