Wildfire Ministry of Kenya is a Christian organization based in West Pokot and founded to help empower the Pokot with Knowledge, resources and Christian virtues to enable them lead better fulfilling lives. WMK’s main objective is providing holistic and sustainable solutions to the different challenges facing the Pokot. WMK was founded by a team of missionaries led by Joram Kingori (YWAM AthiRiver) and inspired by Pastor John Mills of Wildfire Ministries USA. After frequent visits to the Pokot region, Joram shared his vision with many people including pastor John Mills who motivated him to a bold step of faith to help the Pokot community. To complement the broader vision, Joram has made it his personal dream that every Pokot would hear the gospel and that every Pokot child would receive an education.

• To provide a holistic model of service that focuses on physical, spiritual and economic empowerment.
• To establish a “front line” for the advancement of Christianity in the region.
• To offer education and training opportunities to the Pokot children.
• To be a model of cultural change.
• To provide an avenue of outreach for churches in developed regions.

Mission Statement
To gather the Pokot community, empower them spiritually, economically and socially so that they can be able to give to others.
Vision Statement
“An empowered Pokot, rich in God’s values”

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