Education is a paramount tool because it empowers an individual with all the necessary knowledge, resources and ability to help him/her face the world with confidence. It is a dream of every Pokot boy and girl to attend school, finish his/her school and get employed. Their dreams are shattered when their parents force them to drop out of school, continue the family business of herding or marry the girls off. 

WMK’s desire is to give Pokot children an opportunity to achieve their dreams and be an asset in the community. Life is full of challenges, but with education, a child gets the key to unlocking his/her potential to face the challenges head on. WMK will strive to empower, educate and nature the Pokot child who will in turn help the generation to come. When children go to school they also return home and share what they have learnt about Jesus Christ with their families. The goal of WMK

 is to also bring each of the Pokot children and adults to a personal relationship with Jesus and be a model to other organizations.

Why Girls' Education?
• An educated girl earns up to 25% more income and re–invest 90% of it into her family as compared to 30% that men invest in their family.
• Research in developing countries has shown a consistent relationship between better infant and child health and higher levels of schooling among mothers.
• One year of primary school boosts girls eventual wages by 10% to 20%. One extra year of secondary school 15-20%
• Approximately one quarter of girls in developing countries are not in school.
• One quarter to one half of girls in developing countries become mothers before age 15; 14 million of girls aged 15-19 give birth in developing countries each year

• Illiteracy level is high amongst under privileged girls compared to boys
• Girls are more vulnerable to peer pressure and therefore need life skills training to achieve their long term goals.
Quote “In sub-Saharan Africa 40,000,000,000 hrs of labor goes to carrying water over long distances, that time could be spent at school providing income-building healthy community."
Currently, WMK has two active kindergardens in West Pokot: Kalikwon and Kapeni where it is implementing a school feeding programme to encourage more children go to school. With the help of our partners, we plan to support as many children as possible through scholarships and also through donation of books etc.  The school in Cheptamas is currently closed due to a broken bore hole.

1-2 USD a day is a life changing gift you can give to help a Pokot child finish school. We would love your partnership to impact the community in Pokot by giving education.

Sponsors are asked to commit to a one year period of giving that can range from 500USD – 700USD per year depending on the school and location. We would be glad to advise and give direction on how you can partner in the programme.

Sponsors will be asked to fill a sponsorship application and thereafter sign a commitment form. They will also be able to receive progress reports from the school concerning the child and also letters and drawings from the sponsored child. Please contact the programmes manager for more details.

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