WMK together with wildfire ministries U.S.A and YWAM Athi River work together to reach the Pokot people of Rift Valley.Together , they are committed to a holistic ministry that aids in both physical and spiritual transformation. Our goal is that every Pokot man, woman and children would hear the gospel of Christ. To achieve all that, we are committed to plant churches, and we started that few years back in Kakleshon, Nyangauta and and Kamanau regions of Pokot. WMK work with PEFA Pokot churches to help in the spiritual empowerment of the Pokot people. Through our main sister organization in USA, and through our dear friend Pastor John Mills  the founder and lead pastor at wildfire ministries USA, who also inspired the founding of the organization, WMK supports few pastors who have been volunteering in Pokot for some time through the discipleship programme, The organization plans to send qualified people to help spread the word of God across Pokot county, discipling and baptizing them.The organization is also focused in establishing as many churches as possible  and supporting pastors. Our local pastors will also recruit locals to participate in the door to door evangelism and bible sharing as a strategy to reach as many people as possible. In the past, WMK has seen many locals transform through the one on ones and village meetings and also through the Jesus film. The Jesus film, translated in Pokot, showcases the life of Jesus and his death and resurrection. In the month of September, WMK team and volunteers camped at different villages in Pokot and showing the Jesus film at night. The reception and response from the community has inspired and motivated the organization to now plan more such presentations in order to win more souls to Christ. It is our hope that through our small but unique strategy, we will expand the kingdom of God and therefore achieve our long term vision.

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